Build your house on FOB Street!

News: COMING SOON! A map of FOB Street!

Newest Members: Welcome!

To Cheeky, who is now living next door to Polly Dactyle’s “Castle Chill” in her Serenity house at FOB St. No. 8B, we extend our greetings and felicitations, and present her with a case of Nag Champa we bought at a flood sale.

To Chizzy, who built a Shithole on FOB St. No. 7B, near the shores of Lake Tittycocka, FOB extends a friendly welcome. The Welcome Wagon is pleased to present you with a rusted out, dead Chevy for yer yard.

To Goof, who has built a trans-dimensional God House at No. 6 FOB St., the FOB Welcome Wagon presents an assortment of small, furry animals to do with as you will.———

Come build your house, crib, pad, flop, shack, dump, cabin, townhouse, tract-home, McMansion on FOB street! You don’t have to be one of the fingers to live in our neighborhood; we are the antithesis of exclusive. Just visit the neighborhood and have a look around. If you feel like settling down, build your house, here.

FOB street is the coolest, fistiest street in town, and you’ll always find a light on in one of our windows.

Drawbacks: Will Mr. Magic Cab stop in our neighborhood? Noooo way….

Current members of the FOB neighborhood Association:


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