In the days of old…

A friend of Thumb made a site touting the badness of NASCAR. Some sketchy domain registration later, and it was gone forever. Lucky for you, Thumb unearthed the original site during a computer backup. Please excuse any broken links or weird text. “The truth about NASCAR” NEWS Priest forgoes vices for NASCAR racin’ NASCAR FAN? -Don’t worry, there’s a CURE! Race fans chosen over monkeys for product…. NASCAR fans wreck statistical survey- MIRACLE! -NASCAR fan uses computer- Arrest: Three lefts do NOT make a right- PROGRESS? -Racetrack Comparison Look at…

Author: Thumb

For some people, Thumb is number one. For others, Index is number one. When I count on my fingers, I use my index finger first and my thumb last. You gotta prolem with that?

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  1. The good old days when I had big google clout.

  2. Oh god, I remember this site. I think I was still in Oak Harbor when I first saw it, long before I met you. So good!

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