Tortilla Bomber versus Bellingham Mystery Tortilla Appreciation Society

So there’s this thing my friend started tracking. In February of 2013 or so, we started finding tortillas in plastic bags with odd messages written in sharpie taped to things around Bellingham. My buddy started documenting this and started a Facebook group to invite members of the community to help us keep track.

It’s spawned a series of posts on her blog (part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4), a tumblr, inspired a half-completed website, and another website with crazy amount of data about these mystery tortillas.

At one point, we were promised that some would be revealed when 200 tortillas were found and that ALL would be revealed when we hit 600 members. Both of those things happened. We were rewarded with imgur posts of all the tortillas we missed and then with a video from the Tortilla Bomber him(her?)self. So far, we’ve seen a reddit account, an imgur account and a youtube account from the bomber. We’ve also had second-hand communication from the Tortilla Bomber via an email address using the (probably) alias Mason Maze.

Whew. That’s probably as simply as this thing can be spelled out. There are lots of ins and outs and little mysteries in between, but this gives you the gist. Check out all those links above and join the group. We’d love to have you around speculating as to the true identity of the Tortilla Bomber.

I’ll leave you here with this video that was sneaked into the Bellingham Trailer Wars competition:


Author: Thumb

For some people, Thumb is number one. For others, Index is number one. When I count on my fingers, I use my index finger first and my thumb last. You gotta prolem with that?

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  1. It’s a lot more interesting than just litter, Nine. At least to me. I’d rather see this than Beluga’s tags. Or another Logos office. In fact, I think you should come down on TB for graffiti rather than littering. Pedantic? Maybe. Accurate? I think so.

  2. Litter is so fascinating. I’m glad someone put biodegradable items in non-biodegradable plastic bags all over our beautiful city.

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