Caption Contest

Edit: She’s saying, “Come on you fucking deadbeats – I came out here with a gun and with my tits hanging out for the express purpose of inspiring a caption contest on a sorely inactive blog. So think something up or I’ll blow yer sorry fucking asses away.”


Author: Stink

Former jet-fighter jock, currently an eccentric philanthropist and international playboy, Stinkfinger is devoted to juxtaposing the sacred and the profane to both baffle and entertain you, and possibly to save Western civilization from utter dissolution. Stinkfinger neither engages in nor understands the practice of “felching.”

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  1. That’s a good one, Brother dirt!

  2. “And that’s how with just a few twists and knots, you can turn an ordinary cotton shirt into a working assault rifle. Tune in tomorrow when we show you how to turn a pair of Levis into an Armored Personnel Carrier.”

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