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“The King that Never Was” by Alternate Reality (2011)

Via Metalsucks.

Filmed in a public “castle” in Cleveland, Alternate Reality blend repetitive metal riffs with the self-parody of LARPing. Narrated by a busty thespian, the actors in this live action spectacle swat at each other with their replica weapons on manicured lawns while the band chugs through lyrics about Arthur and Mordrid. The results, while certainly not “good,” are doubtlessly entertaining, and, like a train wreck, one can’t pull his eyes away until the final sword fight ends in bloodshed.

Best Lyrics: Mad, mad Merlin. Aaaaaaaaaaaaa-ha-ha-ha-ha!

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I'm a sporting guy. I like rollerblade basketball, waterpolo and a good dripping paper basket of nachos.

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  1. Hooooly… This is terrible.

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