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For some people, Thumb is number one. For others, Index is number one. When I count on my fingers, I use my index finger first and my thumb last. You gotta prolem with that?

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  1. Make your own videos by downloading a season, opening the file in Windows Movie Maker, and mass producing clips by using storyboard and just dragging different sets of clips into a section that already has a title and credits with your link.

  2. sez me

  3. There is no “POSTS” in the sidebar.

  4. I removed the admin link so it’s not public for everyone.

    Submitting a post should be the same as always. Click POSTS>NEW POST in the admin sidebar to bring up the post page.



  5. ok, I’m logged in, but how do I submit a post?

  6. I’m also glad to see that the Fist has returned to the old format.

    Only now I can’t find the meta/admin link to log in. Have i been amputated from The Fist?




  7. So am I, Middle.

    But I can’t find the admin link to log in anymore. Have I been amputated from The Fist?


  8. I’m really happy FoB switched back to the old format.

    and weird pictures.

  9. Ok Big Bird is the creepiest, but they totaly ruined Elmo. I still have a fluffy elmo on my wardrobe somewhere, from my childhood. He better not look at me :)

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