Professor Elemental

Digit sent this to me a little while ago. Genius. Professor Elemental is a hip hopper (in the chap-hop subgenre) and teacher.

Please watch this masterpiece of chap-hop, Fighting Trousers.

And then you can watch THIS masterpiece of chap-hop, Cup of Brown Joy.

Let’s call it the mashup of Sir J Wellington and MC Paul Barman with a dash of Slumdwellaz’ own Doc Watchout and maybe a little bit of MC Frontalot.

From his site:

I’m Professor Elemental, a unique and splendid hip hop emcee, even if I do say so myself. I host, perform and teach hip hop in more ways than you can think imaginable, plus add a healthy dollop of comedy and caberet on the side. So, if your’e looking for lively, fun packed rap music, taken in new and exciting directions, I’m very much your man.

Having worked with every age and ability, I have worked as a freelance workshop facillitator for the last five years. using a wholly inclusive approach I can get anyone writing performing and recording a rap. Workshops can be tailored to fit specific themes and can include a recording session where kids get to tak away their track at the end of a session. I am a fully qualified teacher and hold an up to date CRB, refferal and references availiable on reuest. Do drop me a line formore details and rates.


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