El Guincho-Bombay


Well, the fist has been clean lately, and this is mildly nude, and highly erotic..

Moreover it is odd, artistic, and interesting.


Author: ChaosFist

Bi/os? Dear god, who flashed the bios to get this guy in here? Part man, mostly ape, ChaosFist discovered the cure for aids, allergies, and lower back pain, on the internet. His word is as good as gold, or at least the next word he makes up to sound like he has a clue. Pedantic in all his pursuits, ChaosFist is truly the worlds greatest orneraminazio.

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  1. I honestly think it was a bit of both, it is obviously all done with the same camera and probably in the same geographic location.

    This guy (Marc Gomez Del Moro) Has some other interesting films out there…

    Pablo Díaz-Reixa (El guincho) samples music and mashes it up with other music to make his art, so I imagine the film is the same.

  2. boobs in bizarre situations = good. Black metal rollerskater is also great.

    Do you think they filmed each little thing for this video or is it just a mash-up of random sources?

  3. The Barbarian thinks this could be his new favorite recording artist.

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