Cookin’ Bacon Naked at Jacob and Megan’s House

This is full of a bunch of honorary fingers and JINX folks.

Featuring Megan Blaney, Jacob Block, LP, Kristin Allen-Zito, Hollie Huthman, Aireekah Laudert, Arica Schuett, Lacey Thompson, Kari Severns, Emily Brooke, Crass, Hugh Hudson, Skott K. Seitz and Oliver Ross with music by Guinness Milligan.

Thanks to ButtonFinger for the tip!

I’d rather watch this a hundred times than have that Bellingham Jay-Z video forced down my eyes one more time.


Author: Thumb

For some people, Thumb is number one. For others, Index is number one. When I count on my fingers, I use my index finger first and my thumb last. You gotta prolem with that?

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  1. DIGIT: Maybe you can do the remix…

  2. They should have sprung for a Dailymotion account and actually been naked.

  3. NO APOLOGIES! This is rad.

    Who cares if I want to tear my ears off in an attempt to stop hearing it?

  4. 1) I apologize a tiny bit for sharing because it is a freakin ear worm.

    2) I made the bacon-money the bacon-clown-dancers threw around.

    3) I have some video that captures the moment all of the costumed folks and movie-making folks were in the back yard of Megan and Jacob’s house and a nextdoor Mormon showed up with cookies. Guiness, in a bacon cape, just said, “oh. Cookies”, took one, walked away.

    4) KAZ and LP are brilliant. I want to pay them to dress and dance like twins, always. Forever.

  5. You know why this is better? Because the Bellingham Jay-Z video sucks greasy green donkey dong.

    But methinks I’m preaching to the choir.

    As an aside about frying bacon in the nude. Larry Niven always swore by it, saying it produced the very best bacon–because the only way you could do it comfortably was low and slow enough not to splatter.

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