Glee makes you gay

glee cast

Hey! Glee gay? Nay!

Gee. Gary with a silent R. Gay with a capital aayyyyyyy (and aayyyyyy not in the Fonz way). That’s what glee makes you, according to and their “conservative values for an unsaved world.”

Now I know it’s easy and fun to poke fun at a show that’s full of showtunes and covers of annoyingly poppy music. But I’ve gotta say that I’m a fan of any show that can look as wholesome and happy but actually carry some pretty dark and dirty humor. The school’s Glee Club is called New Directions, ferkristsake (say it out loud if you didn’t chuckle yet).

From the article:

Recently, I wrote about studies that revealed the dangerous influence that the 1980s tv show “The Golden Girls” had on American men now in their 30s, 40s and 50s (see “The Golden Girls: How One TV Show Turned A Generation Of American Boys Into Homosexuals”). The link between watching the Girls and increased risks of homosexual behavior was made abundantly meaningful. In a nutshell, the Golden Girls turned a generation away from procreation. It made our American boys into the most raunchy, campy, carnal people on the planet. If, as a society, we could have returned to the 80s with what we know now and stop that show, American culture might be drastically different today.

You can go read the whole article about glee making kids gay here while I go masturbate to this gallery of hot glee girls. Maybe I should write an article about Glee making me lust after high school girls. Yeah. That’s totally Glee’s fault.

Thanks to Karma for the tip.


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