Take out yer teabags

…and don’t forget to shave your scrotums, men.

So, who’s going on assignment to cover this?

Addendum: It suddenly occurs to me that if we could get enough fingers/friends of fingers to attend, we could have our very own “BJ Face” competition.  We stand in the crowd and make BJ faces while somebody takes pictures for later posting/judging.


Author: Stink

Former jet-fighter jock, currently an eccentric philanthropist and international playboy, Stinkfinger is devoted to juxtaposing the sacred and the profane to both baffle and entertain you, and possibly to save Western civilization from utter dissolution. Stinkfinger neither engages in nor understands the practice of “felching.”

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  1. “IF YOU CANT STAND then drive by and honk to show your support”

    makes me giggle

  2. I hope none of those teabaggers will be driving to the protest on federally funded highway systems…

    Also, does anyone else find it funny that it’s the teabaggers? Didn’t they know about the sexual connotations of that term?

  3. I will be there for sure. Possibly to point out that the “concentration of power in central government” is what allows them the right to peaceably assemble.

    Don’t make me the only one who goes to make fun of them!

  5. Their flier doesn’t have any misspellings that I can see, but I’ve marked the grammatical retardedness that jumped out at me.

    edited tea party

  6. …and whoever covers this make sure to bring a dictionary so you can PROVE to them that their signs have misspelled words on them.

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