Chicken Fried Bacon, and More

Saturday morning, straightening up the house with the TV tuned to the Travel Channel, there’s a special on deep fried foods playing. So, spotlighting our schizophrenic culture which frets endlessly about obesity, high cholesterol and heart disease but nevertheless pushes toxic foodstuffs from multiple angles, I thought I would share the fruits of three separate deep-frying establishments with you–

1.) Sodolak’s Country Inn in Snook, Texas– identified on its front only by bold white letters that read STEAK HOUSE–specializes in Chicken Fried Bacon, served with classic southern milk gravy:

2.) Dyer’s Burgers, on historic Beale Street in Memphis, Tennessee.  Home of  artery-clogging burgers deep-fried in what I will call “Millenium Grease.” It’s a point of pride with Dyer’s, as their homepage relates, that they haven’t changed their grease since the place first opened in 1912. They simply strain it daily. As an employee proudly noted on the Travel Channel program, there are grease molecules still circulating in their fryer that “were there when Woodrow Wilson was President.”

We’ve all heard about the carcinogenic properties of fried foods. I wonder whether never changing your grease exacerbates that? It might be interesting to see an analysis of their millenial hellbroth.

3.) Rutt’s Hut, Clifton, New Jersey. Specializing in deep fried hotdogs.


Author: Stink

Former jet-fighter jock, currently an eccentric philanthropist and international playboy, Stinkfinger is devoted to juxtaposing the sacred and the profane to both baffle and entertain you, and possibly to save Western civilization from utter dissolution. Stinkfinger neither engages in nor understands the practice of “felching.”

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