“Drunk stacking” just in time for new years!

Sure the title makes you wonder.. Stacking something while drunk? Stacking people who are drunk?

NO dear friends; stacking crap on passed out drunk people.
Markers are played out, penises drawn on the face, and epic mustaches are all sooo 2009.



Author: ChaosFist

Bi/os? Dear god, who flashed the bios to get this guy in here? Part man, mostly ape, ChaosFist discovered the cure for aids, allergies, and lower back pain, on the internet. His word is as good as gold, or at least the next word he makes up to sound like he has a clue. Pedantic in all his pursuits, ChaosFist is truly the worlds greatest orneraminazio.

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  1. I’ve always wanted to do this, but I don’t know anyone who passes out while still at a party or my house, etc. I did in my younger days, but then I’d as likely have been the one stacked upon as doing the stacking.

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