December 25th, the Most Popular Birthday for Gods!

Christmas is racing up on us people.  So let’s not forget the reason we celebrate it.

Horus, the sky god of Egypt, was born to a virgin, and a star in the east led the wise men to him.


But that’s not where the similarities end, nor are they only between Jesus and Horus.  The stories of Jesus are much older than Jesus himself.  His is the classic hero’s tale that had the benefit of being written down when mankind was learning to do so.

Check out these other Pre-Christian Christmas stories.  It’ll put a little perspective on things.


Author: Digit

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  1. Is it possible that the story of Jesus and Horus are both true? Maybe there is a reason with things being so closely tied and kind of the same(virgin birth, Dec 25th, etc…) maybe this is just how GOD comes into our dimension from his.

  2. Very nice post . I voted for it up on reddit even though I partly covered above mentioned on my blog :) Anyhow I just popped in to say hello and compliment your efforts.See ya on the World Wide :)

  3. You know what’s good? Dick. You should eat some.

  4. Digit, this was the doctor’s advice for you, or you just enjoy thinking about eating dicks?

    Anyway, have a nice christmas.

    Stay blessed.

  5. You established early in this discussion that you have a hard time with our language, so I’m not sure why you insist on having a semantic argument that you’re bound to lose.

    define religion.

  6. Hahaha, Knuckle, who said I am religious in the way you think?

    I can’t say I am not religious, because ALL people are religious. I understand religion, not as just the belief in Intelligent Cause for Existance. Religion is any belief, any search for Reason, Explanation. For some people, if you take off Zeus from Olympus mountain and put there some God-like particle “Higgs boson”, of course without Intelligence, particle that will explain the Cause, such people start feeling much better and safe, just because for them “objectivism” means particles, means mechanic explanation of reality. Of course this “better feeling” is same as the feeling of the religious people that there is God. Same better feeling that there is something that explain everything or some of the things.

    Seeing is believing they say. But talking about things that we cannot observe is just pure belief.(stuff like creation, big bang, women orgasm). Oops, the last thing maybe we have observed, but are our eyes that credible ;-)?


    “The big question is, why aren’t the religious idiots still questioning things? ”

    Well because in every place there are persons that are not creators. Not willing to break the limits. They are affraid of this. Affraid Of change.

    Not only in religion. For example why when Shampollion decoded the Egypt heirogliphs the “serious” scientists didn’t accept his finding and called him amateur, etc? They were scientists, not religous leaders. Why they didn’t wanted to accept this?

    Some of them even didn’t thought that there is some meaning in this strange images on the Pyramids’ walls…

    About religious people, Newton was questioning, Mendel, Kopernicus, also priest, many people were questioning. It depends on the person. Some are born to break the limits.

    About Digit’s fetish about eating dicks, if I was his psychiatrist, I would ask him “how often he dreams about eating dicks and what color they are, also is he thinking about eating dicks, when he make sex with his girlfriend”. Also I will show him some abstract pictures and if he see dicks in most of them I would recomend him some…dicks and reinventing his real sexuality.


    Take care!

  7. Yeah, listen up!

    And fool, if you thinking that religion makes your life any more meaningful, well, rest assured the jokers and fiction writers who compiled the HOLY FUCKING BIBLE have entirely pulled the wool over your eyes. Hurrah, you’ve been duped into complacency. And if there’s any worse crime in this modern age, it’s bullshit complacency.

  8. I read the other day that 80% of Americans believe in God. So that leaves 20% to be less retarded than the rest.

    Can anyone help me here? I can’t tell if this person is fucking with us or not. StinkFinger not being affected by “the evolution” makes me laugh.

    But saying that I’m religious, them’s some fighting words, buddy (or lady).

    By the way, we don’t say we have all the answers, we’re questioning still. The big question is, why aren’t the religious idiots still questioning things? They just hate and evangelize and brainwash all in the name of their religion. Just saying that God told you it’s okay to be a dickeater doesn’t make it okay to eat dicks.

    When Digit tells you to eat a dick though, you’d better listen up, buddy!

  9. “Here at the fist we generally clown on (make fun of) all religion, and anyone who truly thinks they have the world figured out. Those are fools. Much like someone who assumes a entire continent of people are idiots.”

    So if you count the percent of religious people in Amerca (the continent or USA or whatever you want), YOU are making statement that almost all Amerca are fools.

    Of course EVERY human being is religious, because that is the way human consciousness works. All is based on irrational believes, no matter how you call yourself, christian, muslim, atheist, all these are believes. Subjects can’t be objective. But of course, this is complex stuff and as I see from your fake “sources” for information and your “eating dick” reactions, maybe it is too complex for you.

    “Then again racism, ethnocentrism, and your general attitude of “I know more than you” on a single topic …”

    Well in fact in this topic, I know more than you. Sorry, but these are the facts.

    In fact all this blog is like “I know more than you”, but in fact it is misarable place with miserable users, and as I see from the avatar of stinkfinger, some of you are even not affected by the evolution. Shame on you.

    Stay blessed.


    And be thankfull to religion, because without it, you won’t have something to criticize and think for and your existence will be meaningless as your miserable blog.

  10. I hear Nix likes to eat ’em!

  11. Hey, what’s all this I hear about dicks!

  12. Nix, sadly your English failed you from the first post. He didn’t claim to be a scholar with proof that they are the same thing, he said similar. In English that means Alike.. not the fucking same.

    Your ethnocentric attitude against Americans (of the American continent, including Mexico and Canada, not just the U.S.) Also fails you, you watched a video, and a lot of T.V. wherever it is that you lived and assumed you knew something about Americans.

    Here at the fist we generally clown on (make fun of) all religion, and anyone who truly thinks they have the world figured out. Those are fools. Much like someone who assumes a entire continent of people are idiots.

    Then again racism, ethnocentrism, and your general attitude of “I know more than you” on a single topic just shows all of these stupid Americans that you are sadly lacking self esteem, And rightly so. You sir or maam, are a dick.

    Should we eat this dick raw or fry it first?

  13. Grudgingly, I’m saving my dick-heels for him to try.

  14. Grudgingly, I admit I like this guy’s attitude about dick eating.

  15. No, dude, why is that? You in USA eat dicks?

    Sorry we have different traditions.

    Stay blessed and enjoy eating dicks.


  16. Hey Nix! Have you eaten that dick yet?

  17. Hahaha.

    Ok, live in your imaginary world.

    But you are same as the religious fanatics. You believe without thinking.

    The ignorance is blessing.

    Stay blessed.


  18. Nix,
    Eat a dick.

    Digit, who’s just too bored by your comments to take the effort to effectively refute them.

  19. All these “information” about the Gods, the Egypt obes, the christian, Krishna, etc. is FALSE.

    That is all.

  20. Your syntax, of course.

    I’m sorry, Nix, you might have a good point in there somewhere, but something’s getting lost in the translation.

  21. What you don’t understand?

  22. Dude. Make sense with your words before you laugh at me in that weird capitalization.

  23. I think normal school will be just fine.

    To fill the blank spots in your education.

    Btw, I am not christian. I just love history and egyptology, and when i read this, i was like, wooow, so lame. So stupid. And then like, ou, USA. I understand.


  24. Can you recommend a good Christian school and the correct brainwashing pills we should take before we enroll?

  25. Of course nut magnet, just like it’s creators.

    Idiots, check your false sources. You are “proving” christianity is false, by false information?

    Horus was never born by virgin. Never baptised.

    Osiris, Dyonisus, Bacchus are same God, if you have read Herodotus. (of course not, you are too stupid for this). And none of them is born by virgin. Or baptised. Hahaha.

    Of course if you believe that this is true you must give some sources, egypt, greek sources, where you can find when they were born, etc.

    And Krishna was born by virgin? HAHAHHAHA.

    You need to take pills (and if you take pills, take more pills) and go to school.

  26. You have one already installed in yourself. Come on over and we can test it out!

  27. OOOH!! I want a nut magnet!

  28. Man. Fist has become a nut magnet.

  29. ok, maybe you are just really stupid. Or an american. Same shit.

    Osiris and Dyonisus are same persons. Same God.
    You can check the stuff you are publishing more deeply if you care about the truth. There are also other things, but they need some more mind power…Also because I am coming from ex communist country, during the comunism they were brainwashing the people with same stupid phrases about religion.

  30. As a Virgo, I feel I should reassure all that my constallation will again be playing the part of Mother Mary in the 2009 Winter Solstice. Although could you please correct the handbills to say, “the Virgo will be bringing back the sun,” not, “the Virgin will be birthing a son.”

    Thank you

  31. Mmmmm. Punkin pie.

  32. Fuck, I’m sorry for your english too.
    I have no idea what you just said.

    Also, this is The Fist. If you’ve come here expecting commentary deeper than a mud puddle, you’re going to be disappointed.

  33. Really shallow comments.

    About Horus. In ancient Egypt Language means “The Son of God”. Horus is the Son of God. Before it become like Horus, separate God, He was know and his symbols presented “The Son of God”. One God in Ancient Egypt had many different names and substances. One God can have different names. Osiris, Horus, Ra (Re) – the Sun. These are just different substances in one Divine Being.

    Osiris, according to herodotus is in fact Dionisus, like the different name of same God, known by the thracians. After that the thracian and egypt religion were profanized (if there is such word in english hehehe) by the Greeks.

    There are many Orphic artefacts, also early christian artefacts of orphism and christianity, the fact that the christianity was widely accepted by those societies, is simple because they believed in this God long before His incarnation on earth. Even their rituals were close to early christian ones. There are many artefacts like Christ with lyre like Orpheus 4th century, even Orpheus in Jerusalim, mossaic from 5th century and so on.

    There is link between things, but in more deeper way, also the idea, the early christianity was something different. But as always the system uses every idea for power and more power. Even in the hermetic texts, they are about the Son of the God. This idea was LOONG before the jewish religion. Maybe that is why the main christian hunters were the jews.

    p.s. this are just sketches of the topic, because it is really deep and with a lot of literature to read…it is not that simple Horus = Christ. But yes, this is true. :-).

    Psss. sorry for my english…;-).

  34. Fuck yeah, pumpkin pie.

    Now what was I going to type?

  35. I was JUST noticing that. It would seem Horus was also the god of balancing pumpkin pie on his head.


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