Faraday Cage

Via tesladownunder.com

This is the same mechanism that keeps you safe inside a car during a thunderstorm (the bit about the rubber tires being the protective factor is a myth – it’s the metal body of the car acting as a Faraday Cage that protects you).

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A Faraday Cage


Author: Stink

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  1. Gentlemen: I am professor emeritus of the university of Tokyo. I am now writing a biography of Michael Faraday for a journal named KAGAKU (chemistry) for Japanese university students and high school science teachers.
    Your photo of Faraday cage is the best one as far as I can search in Google. I should be most grateful if you admit me using this photo in the appropriate place in the journal. I certainly acknowledge your kindness in the article. Please let me know how I should write your name and address if the permission is given. Sincerely yours, Yoshito Takeuchi

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