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I am a finger of dirt.

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  1. Amanda Palmer isn’t there for you.

  2. hey fuckfinger, er, I mean dirtfinger. That’s a novel approach, Amanda Palmer posts a series of repulsive naked pictures of herself online, not to mention a naked album cover, naked on the beach shots and date rape videos and for some reason you think she’s a better class of pussy than Naomi Marcella? At least porn chicks clean themselves and don’t pretend to be artists when they’re NOT like Palmer pretentions. Amanda Palmer is a major skank and she clearly has no idea how horrendous these photos are. One look at Amanda Palmer is enough to kill anyone’s boner… if Gaiman is hitting that, then he must have a better imagination than I gave him credit for.

  3. @ Peter…Last time I checked, Radiohead’s material was still intact. Do you mean Amanda Palmer broke into their Material Safe and trashed it all? How did she manage to do that? And if she can do that to Radiohead’s material, then I guess other artists need to make sure their stuff is locked up good and tight too, before someone comes along and wrecks it.

    Oh, and too bad your pea-brained vocabulary wasn’t up to the task of a good slag and you couldn’t come up with anything nasty to say without dipping your arm into the Sexist-Shit-Barrel.

    How’s that sexist shit smell all over your arm, dude?

    Go wash yourself.

  4. Amnada Palmer is the ugliest thing in the music indutry. She is an untalented cunt who ruined Radiohead’s best material. Her ukelele playing is pathetic. Her singing is a horrible off-key mess.

  5. Amanda Palmer is an ugly skank.

  6. Ferdinand, you have your head screwed on wrong. A woman’s throat is not the same thing as an Adam’s Apple. There is no Adam’s Apple there, you fucking stooge. I bet you don’t even know what a fucking Adam’s Apple is, do you?

  7. I agree. Amanda Palmer must be a transvestite! Just look at the adam’s apple? What a repulsive, ugly head-case.

  8. Amanda Palmer looks like an ugly ass transvestite. Gaiman should have more self respect. Fuck. I’ll need a drink to sleep after seeing that gross photo.

  9. He also likes Windows machines, guys!

    GET HIM!

  10. Here’s the thing. Yes, I’ve been brainwashed to think shaved legs and pits are hot. But that’s just it. I HAVE been brainwashed, so now that’s how I think. With enough effort and lube, I could try to change my ways. But there’s really no incentive to. I like what I like, regardless of what made me like it.

  11. I shave my pits. My wife shaves neither her pits nor legs.

    Guess what, guys? Women have hair like us. It’s unfortunate that you’ve been brainwashed to think that keeping it is ugly.

    On topic… HFS! Saving this link for later!

  12. Her new album is totally absolutely boss, as I’m sure Pierced will also attest to.

  13. Nice breasts.

    Neil Gaiman is hitting that.

  14. There’s usually no force involved at all.

  15. It’s rare that I’m forced to think of Digit’s balls. Dammit!

  16. 1. But we’re evolved apes. I’m not attracted to my more hirstute cousins.

    2. Yes. And way ahead of ya there.

  17. “Hairy.”

    1.)Yes. We’re apes.

    2.)Would you shave your pits for your girl? How about your scrote?

  18. You guys are watching too much porn.

    I don’t think that’s possible.

  19. Not to look a gift horse in the vagina, but….who?

  20. Digit–“But…


    Middle–“I’ll second that

    You guys are watching too much porn. Next thing you know you’ll be thinking that the most pleasant way to come is outside the pussy.

  21. I’ll second that. Big pass on flaunting the Euro-pits. You can call me whatever as well.

    Thumb will like the sharpie action anyway.

  22. Y’know, it’s awesome that she’s naked and all, and the body writing is cool.



    Call me whatever, but… blech.

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