Bacon Beer!?!?!?!

What happens when you find something strange that features a bacon-y flavor? Send it post haste to someone who’s on the approved Fist of the Blog author list. Wait… Date… Mate… Castrate… Re-inflate… and of course, if you’re lucky, OUR agents’ll approve, and you’re FIRST on the list to kiss the internet witcher cleverness.

Karma sent me this a while ago. The photo was taken in Friday Harbor. Looks like it’s time to send FingerPuppet on a little tasting trip.

Bacon Beer. Made from bacon and beer, I guess.

Bacon Beer. Made from bacon and beer, I guess.


Author: Thumb

For some people, Thumb is number one. For others, Index is number one. When I count on my fingers, I use my index finger first and my thumb last. You gotta prolem with that?

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  1. *glerp*

  2. I visited this small town in Northern Bavaria that was known for its unique “smoked beer” that had a distinct aftertaste of bacon. It was great.

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