Recession Beards are the Rage

Found on MSNBC this morning, beards are back.  We can thank Thumb for bringing it on.


Author: JFinger

Seeking everlasting equilibrium between left and right brain activity, JFinger is a software engineer and (semi)retired classically trained musician who would come out of retirement only if put up in a nice beachhouse in the tropics with a servant offering unlimited margaritas. Meanwhile, he will continue brewing hand-crafted organic beers, a craft he has enjoyed since the late 1980s. He finds politics interesting, as well as finance, economics, sports and the funnies. He likes to read the newspaper, or at least he did before they closed them all down. Having been brought up in the newspaper business (son of a Hearst Corporation-owned newspaper reporter), JFinger is always on the lookout for some interesting and worthy story to share on the FIST.

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  1. Man, razors are effing expensive. No wonder recession fashions are beard-friendly.

  2. I read somewhere that ties get wider and louder during recessions. I’ll have to check that out.

  3. Too bad you don’t do facebook any more, JFinger. I’m posting a daily pic over there, and they’re often of a bearded nature.

  4. Glad our country is now safe enough to accept the unibomber look again.

  5. Yeah.

    Thanks Thumb.


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