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Sent to me by TriggerFingerBang! with the following note. Pushy Bastard!

Fuck McRorie – this guy is the future of electronic music – Darth Vapor? His name is Zlad and the song is Elektronik Supersonik. I will find some more. These are great and I expect them on the FIST now.


Author: FatFinger

From Cannibal Corpe's "Rotting Head": A quivering pile of useless flesh, locked in a padded cell Hidden from the prying eyes of curiosity Experimental surgery made him what he is today His head is rotting but his body lives on as a worthless vegetable Unknown to mankind, the incredible power of his mind

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  1. Questions and MY answers

    There are three things that I want…- NEED to know now.

    1)Does McRorie think that we are mocking his craft?

    -many people here, appreciate the devotion, dedication, and talent needed to perform live – the last post on him was titled “The Best and Worst thing I have ever seen” or something along those lines.

    2)Does McRorie realize that the Fist has a high volume of casual and devoted readers alike?

    -many people here were exposed to McRorie solely due to the efforts of the Fist, to showcase his unique brand of music to those who may never have heard of him otherwise. I am certain his webpage received a great deal of “hits” in thanks greatly to Fist of Blog.

    3)Does McRorie wear undergarments under his stylish kilt?

    -I am of the opinion that an artist such as McRorie has no use for skivvies as it would hinder in his efforts to please the legion of groupies that he undoubtedly has. However, if he does wear undies, I would venture a guess that they would look something like these…

    Anyones else’s guesses as to what is under there feel free to add.

    Just in case any one new to the blog needs reminding, you can find McRorie and all of his songs “recorded live without overdubs or retakes” here…

  2. Hey McRorie. How’s it going?

  3. Great it’s open!Yesterday I mentioned that I went to McRorie’s original page where he has lyrics and original music posted. Obviously he is not just a cover band because I recently saw him perform some of these originals up here in High Level.I especially liked his song about corporate welfare Canada-“Fuddle Duddle” and his rockin “Nuclear Party Song”.These are all recorded live without overdubs or retakes. High Level mcfan

  4. Where are the last two comments I made yesterday? Is this an open or closed blog?

  5. So much for the open net

  6. a couple years ago a friend and I had an obsession with Zlad!. I think he even got sampled into some songs somewhere. Particularly the “prepare for downcount!”

  7. Nothing says sincerity and heart quite like a cover band.

  8. That’s pretty awesome, but he lacks the sincerity and the heart of McRorie.

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