Anthill, meet molten metal

Believe it or not, I found this looking for images of Bob Dylan’s new album cover (you can download a song from his upcoming collection at

These scientists poured molten metal into abandoned anthills so they could see the structure of the ant homes.

Holy crap, this is cool!

See the whole thing here.

anthill structure

anthill structure

A plaster cast of a large Pogonomyrmex badius nest. This nest consisted of 135 chambers and 12 meters of vertical shafts. The top-heavy distribution of chamber area and spacing is typical for the species, as are the helical shafts and the decrease of chamber size with depth (photo by Charles Badland).


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  1. Fascinating, Captain. I can get a story out of this.

  2. That is, indeed, extremely cool. I’m glad they were abandoned anthills.

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