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Not really the place for this, but I know the Fist gets great Google love so I’m doing this here….

My best friend Dan Young died 10 years ago and there’s not a lot about him on the web for his family and friends to find. He was a great guitarist and was on his way to stardom when his life ended. Sooo, I put together a few pics with some of his music and up’d it to youtube….hoping his friends and family may someday find it. He was the guitarist for Spite (Metal Blade / Prosthetic labels) and Catharsis (well known underground hardcore band—anarchist, vegan, straight edge, etc ((Google “crimethinc”)) ) Anyway, I freakin loved the guy and he’s gone, so here’s hoping someone else looks for him and finds him here or anywhere. Check out Catharsis’ Samsara or Spite’s Bastard Complex if you can find them.


Author: FatFinger

From Cannibal Corpe's "Rotting Head": A quivering pile of useless flesh, locked in a padded cell Hidden from the prying eyes of curiosity Experimental surgery made him what he is today His head is rotting but his body lives on as a worthless vegetable Unknown to mankind, the incredible power of his mind

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  1. I just wanted to briefly comment on this post. I grew up in and around Decatur, Illinois. We had a decent heavy music scene in our area with a lot of talent, some who went on to bigger and better things, and are still pounding the airwaves with great music. A little warehouse, affectionately known as The Hall of Justice, served as a practice area for a rotating group of bands, as well as a live music venue on the weekends. I’ll never forget the unreal level of talent that came through there, including an early incarnation of Mudvayne. Spite came through our area and played one of the craziest, most amazing live shows, I’ve ever seen. I remember standing near the stage in a mental fog, as Spite started their set. I can rarely remember a time that I was so impressed by a band; their intensity still remains unmatched by anyone, even almost 20 years later. This was in the summer of 1999 and it was shortly after that we learned of Dan’s passing. I feel privileged to this day to have seen and experienced the raw power that is and was Spite. To the members of Spite, I can’t even put together words to express the sadness that I feel for your loss. Just as I can’t find the words to express how powerful of a force of nature that this band was. I will remember that show for the rest of my life.

  2. My boy Chris Young took me to see Spite at Tremont. His brother Dan stage dived on top of us, guitar in hand, and that’s how I met him. I still blast California in the car.

  3. Spite is a very important band to me. I never saw them live or know much about them. I am from a small Indiana town and stumbled across Bastard Complex not knowing what to expect. What I got was an original work of art that has stood the test of time. Dan Youngs music and Spite are not forgotten.

  4. today has been shit: love that this video is here for me to look at when I just need a minute of my Big brother.


  5. I didn’t know Dan too well but I knew the rest of the band Spite and played a ton of shows I wish I would have known all of them better but I wasn’t always great to talk to..I think I was better on a stage..Dan was a rock star to a tee..He was fun to watch and played his heart out. It’s awesome to find this posted about him..I wanted to hear some spite and stumbled upon this. Chris can we get some more water for the monitor!! I miss those days and all of the people involved..godspeed

  6. It’s been a long time…since I rock and rolled. I still don’t know where to start. This guy was my brother on stage. We were just alike..both insecure… both abandoned by our fathers. I never thought I would be sitting here rocking my son to sleep writing something like this. I have missed Dan so much for so many reasons…selfish ones mostly… August 1st 1999 my career basically ended. Though I played music for another decade… My heart and soul were not in it. It was a moment that is frozen into my memory. And it haunts me still. I never speak of Dans death, for it is intensely personal to me… All I can say is he was a great bandmate and friend…destined for stardom, but reckless as a child. I know I can never retrace those steps…or undo the done. I only hope that wherever his ashes blow in the wind, and his soul haunts the shadows, that he is at peace. I am almost certain we will cross paths on the other side…we were just alike. I miss you bro.

  7. Live Fast Dan Young was such a pioneer of hardcore & quite an entertaining young man. He was my friend & I think of him often. It’s comforting to know that others are thinking of him, too.

  8. Hi, Dan was actually my cousin I didnt really know him that well I did get to spend some time getting to know him when he visited KY. He was an awesome guy tho and thank you for posting this it was great to find.

  9. Hi,
    I’m from Belgium, I knew Dan long ago. Can you send me an e-mail?

  10. Sorry for your loss, and the music world’s loss. A shame, dammit! Nice job on the video, nicely done.

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