Star Wars according to a 3-year-old

star-wars-according-to-a-3-year-oldHere’s my daughter’s take on Star Wars. She was three at the time.

She explained the whole movie to me in much greater detail but unfortunately I didn’t have the camera going. When I convinced her to tell me about the movie again she delivered this version.

EDIT (by thumb): Yes, folks, this is where it all started. Be sure to read Middle’s info on the youtube sidebar, and in the comments below.


Author: Middle

I'm a sporting guy. I like rollerblade basketball, waterpolo and a good dripping paper basket of nachos.

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  1. Wow. Just saw this for the first time on Youtube and forwarded it to family and friends on Facebook. People have said this before me, but this truly does give me hope for the future generations. My favourite part: OBI KENOBI! :)

  2. こんにちは

  3. Heh. It’s funny that you just now saw this, Poly!

  4. Haha that was awesome. I may be a little late in finding this but that made my day.

    Thank you : )

  5. Thank you for sharing your daughter’s uberness with us. She makes me laugh like a little kid.

    I’d try to pull my favorite line from it…but why edit brilliance.

  6. As posted on The 40-year-old Fanboy:

    For the rest of my days, the practice droid that Luke tested his mettle against on the Millenium Falcon shall be known as “The Pokeball”.

    It’s just over a year old now, first posted on Fist of Blog. But the awe and mystery of the electric-type internet is that there will always be people out of the range of infection who will wander into the hot zone accidentally, think they are the first to discover the thing they found, and spark off a whole new explosion of emails titled “You have GOT to see this!”

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  8. If I was rich, I would ask to buy your daughter for one billion dollars 😉

    She’s AWESOME. Makes me excited to have kids. Best of luck to her and to you, her parents!

  9. Your daughter´s vídes, was the best that I saw in the internet!

    I´m from Brazil, and I created a community for her in the orkut.

    Please….post more vídeos about her…pleeeeeaaaase!

    I loved her!

    Give a kiss on her for me!

    And sorry my really pour..but I hope that you understand me.


    ps: What is her name?

  10. Hi!

  11. I’m sure you’ve gotten this a lot but I just adored this video. Middle should have her own show reviewing movies. How many contracts has she been offered so far?

  12. i think your daughter is absolutely adorable!! and smart too!!! most kids her age are barely able to put speech together never mind review a movie in such detail…and i love how she tells it too….too cute!! and you don’t want to talk back to darth vader cuz he will getcha!! precious!! she may not like it when she is older that everyone has seen her on the web…lol…u must be so proud of your starwars baby geek!!!!

  13. I’m a bit late to the party, but I just had to chime in. Your daughter is totally adorable! She reminds me a lot of myself at that age (watching Empire Strikes Back in the theater sitting backwards and looking over my shoulder, crying “What are they doing to my Han?!”)

    My favorite thing about the video is her rather sophisticated recognition that the cinematography when Luke is trying to blow up the Death Star really does make it feel like “we blowed it up together.” Awesome!

  14. Yes. She is a breath of fresh air. I saw your daughter’s video featured on Project-Free-TV, again in YouTube..liked it so much..With the sad abundance of sexy videos online, its refreshing to see budding intelligence & innocence for a change.

    Saw the bad-mouthers in You tube too.. (They are just close-minded and tactless spoilers..probably hoping for fame thru bad publicity..)

    Your daughter is absolutely charming & adorable..I guess the reason why the video is very much appreciated is because it is amazing to hear the a story from the eyes of a very young child and explained like she was in the story herself!!

    Kudos! Magaling!

  15. I saw this cuz it was on the homepage of Youtube, and I about peed myself from laughing so hard, and I have shown everyone I know.

    No one wants to buy R2 and the Shiny guy. LOL the shiny guy, he always worries.

    I think you haev the cutest kid EVER! She has to be the most articulate three year ever!

  16. Dude. Your girl made the home page of today.

    on google

    Every site I see her on, she’s got the most rankings (this one, she’s listed above the oscars, Sarah Silverman fucking Matt Damon and Ben Affleck [not to mention Jimmy Kimmel]), the most comments (more than your usual Mac/PC flame) and the most views (about 2 million more views than anything else on the home page of youtube right now).

    What does this MEAN???

    Is America thirsty for cute? Are we about to see the Saw movies replaced with America’s Funniest Home Videos?

  17. Please, please, PLEASE give us more! This is in my top 5 favorite internet videos ever. Let her talk more about Star Wars. Show her the other Star Wars movies. Let her talk about ANY movies.


  18. Your daughter is a DOLL. Give her a big hug from the internets!

    I’m glad you turned off comments at YouTube–there are always mouthbreathers there who act ugly to children. It’s a cesspool.
    Anyone with a soul and a functioning brain can see that your daughter is brilliant and adorable. 😀

  19. That was great!!! She’s so adorable! She should be an Ewok for Halloween or something.

    *reminisces* Ahh, I remember when I was a Jedi for Halloween…

  20. I’m the young guy at work who swears on his life that he won’t have kids. But after seeing this video, I’d hope my children turn out just like this! This is seriously the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen. You’re very fortunate to have such an intelligent daughter!

  21. This video really made me smile. Your daughter seems very intelligent. Thanks for sharing this with us all.

  22. Dude, she is too cute and what a riot. I love the Darth Vader quote! Our radio station morning show KFBK Sacramento was talking about this morning, that’s how I heard about it.

  23. She might just be the most adorable three year old ever.

    Please have her review Saving Private Ryan next.

    (just kidding)

  24. She’s doing double-duty on youtube today.

    youtube twice

  25. Dudes…I have to take my computer in to get fixed for two days and this is what happens??? Fist becomes famous by reason of H?? Suh-weet!

    That li’l girl is a fucking star in the making. LOOKOUT!

  26. Top of YouTube too.

    youtube z

  27. oops, “your” not “you’re” :-)

  28. you’re daughter is sharp for her age. here’s to you.

  29. I saw this on /Film and I can only hope you do more of these. Keep up the fantastic work, Middle. Fist Of My Blogroll.

  30. I saw this on /film and I can only hope you do more like these, Middle. Keep up the fantastic work. This site is so going into my blogroll 😉

  31. Your daughter is truly adorable! She reminds me of how I must have been around her age when I first saw the Star Wars films. RotJ came out when I was about her age and I do remember seeing it with my parents and going on and on and on and . . . ON about it!

    Thanks for sharing; hopefully one day she’ll get to see it and all these wonderful comments about what a cute child she was. :)

  32. Honored on the YouTubes:

    #29 – Most Viewed (Today) – People & Blogs
    #25 – Top Favorites (Today)
    #2 – Top Favorites (Today) – People & Blogs
    #56 – Top Rated (Today)
    #3 – Top Rated (Today) – People & Blogs
    #54 – Top Rated (This Week) – People & Blogs

  33. Shit, Middle, I hope you don’t mind all the hype for your kid. This has meme written all over it. Ak!

  34. Heh. Um, Thumb, the Haze’s going to beat us at internet notoriety without even trying.

    Oh well.

    thanks for nice comments all.

    Someday, when she’s all growed up I’ll tell her she already blew her 15 minutes of fame on the internet.

  35. I submitted it to Fark and it got approved for the video section.

    Check it.

  36. She is very smart, and adorable, too. There may be some hope for the world, yet.

  37. Ha, yeah. I don’t think I will bother except briefly here.

    “If she was actually thinking of these things herself it would be great. But I’ve seen her in a video before her dad coaches her though it. I’m surprised in this one though the first one had like 20 cuts.”

    For starters, there are no other videos of her doing anything like this. Heh.

    None of it was coached for the record. I just edited it to make it short and snappy. Moved a few lines around to make it more cohesive. Believe me, you don’t have to coach her to say anything. I only regret I don’t have the first version where she was talking about how luke’s aunt and uncle got fried by the stormtroopers. now that was funny.

  38. Looks like some other people are trying to digg this too.

    here and here

    Middle: you may just have a classic on your hands.

  39. …my girls have watched this video nonstop all day long…

  40. My wife and I just watched this and died. Well played, sir.

  41. Thanks for the nice comments, guys! She is pretty cute but the cuteness wears off when you have to listen to her talk nonstop like that from 6 AM until 8 PM.

    She did have some comments about han solo too but they didn’t really make sense because she couldn’t remember his name. Something like “He’s really a good guy but sometimes he does bad things like steal stuff.”

    It would be funny to make her reviews movies. I’m sure she’d review video games. She’s been distraught the last couple of months because I’ve been playing Bioshock and Mass Effect, two games I won’t let her watch. Maybe I’ll have her review Super Smash Bros Brawl when that comes out.

  42. “But don’t talk back to Darth Vader, he’ll getcha!”

    Best thing EVER.

  43. Man… That is the best video up here in a long, long time.

    And that kid has the best diction of all the other three-year-olds in the galaxy combined.

    I love how she got confused and thought that she helped to blow up the Death Star.

    You should get her to review lots of movies.

  44. Middle, my friend, you and WifeOfMiddle have some amazing genes. That girl is whip smart, button cute and side splittingly funny.

    I’m not normally a cute kid video lover, but damn my friend. You must be proud.


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