Curling + Metal = Bad

A recent find for the Worst Metal Videos Ever Page. I’ve added a few more to it that I haven’t tortured you all with but this one is just too good not to share. I mean bad.

“Hearts on Fire” by Hammerfall from the album Crimson Thunder (2002)

Metal. And Olympic-level curling.

Yes, someone gave that concept the green light. Hammerfall actually made a real video for “Hearts on Fire” which is terrible in its own special way, but this latter version featuring the Swedish Womens’ Curling Team is truly cringe-worthy. You can argue that the guys from Hammerfall are just having fun, or that they did this be humorous. OK…but they still made the video, didn’t they?

This one is just killing me. What about curling says “Hearts on Fire”? Maybe I’ve just never experienced the pure adrenaline of curling myself so I can’t say. At least some of the ladies are pretty. Hey, I just figured out why they made this video!

Best Lyrics: Hearts on fire/ hearts on fire/ burning, burning with desire


Author: Middle

I'm a sporting guy. I like rollerblade basketball, waterpolo and a good dripping paper basket of nachos.

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  1. Welcome curling fans! And thanks for providing us with a permanent new nickname for Middle (aka rivethead).

    I don’t know the first thing about curling, but have always liked this clip:


  2. you’re all nuts! The video is great exposure for curling especially to a generation that normally doesn’t find curling “cool” Besides, I like it.

  3. Yeah, i have the accept video bookmarked…i’m sure I will add it to my list eventually. Somehow it’s only funny for about the first 20 seconds for me..I will check out the Priest video. Thanks!

  4. This is on the top 3 worst metal videos list, next to Accept’s Balls to the Wall and Judas Priest’s Living after Midnight….

  5. Fabulous. This is a new kind of bad. Some of the others are so earnest and cheesy I could watch them over and over. This, well, it’s embarassing and I can only peek through my fingers.

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